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site services

Site Services

In our aim to provide the highest possible level of service, DETS offer a number of site services to provide a more complete solution to our customers.  We were one of the first laboratories to gain UKAS accreditation for sampling, and this is now a regulatory requirement for water sampling under MCERTS, with respect to water utilities and wastewater discharges.

Services include:

  • Gas monitoring parameters, including methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide
  • Screening for VOCs using a PID
  • In situ testing for pH, conductivity, redox potential, temperature and dissolved oxygen
  • Sampling of soils & gases
  • Sampling of topsoils from gardens
  • Sampling of stockpiles
  • Sampling of trade effluents to sewers - accredited to MCERTS
  • Sampling of surface waters from ponds, rivers and streams - UKAS accredited
  • Sampling of groundwater from boreholes - UKAS accredited
  • Sampling of groundwater from trial pits
  • Sampling of Landfills
  • Provision of Site Chemist or Technician

 Rates can be charged on an hourly or daily basis, and will include travelling time and expenses.

DETS provide suitable sample containers, including appropriate preservatives as specified in BS ISO 5667, for the sampling of all water matrices, and a courier service is also available.


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