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DETS cover a wide range of environmental and materials testing, and are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.


Almost 150 dedicated and experienced staff are employed in the laboratories and office areas. Several staff are highly respected within the industry and have many years of expertise in analytical testing, and are available to provide technical support to our clients and frequently organise seminars, either at client offices or centralised venues.


DETS is one of the most comprehensively accredited laboratory in the UK,  with an ongoing programme of method development and validation designed to increase the scope of accreditation on a regular basis.


With over 30,000 sq ft of laboratory and office space, separate areas for sample reception, sample preparation, inorganic and organic testing, and geotechnical analyses, DETS are well placed to cope with the demands of any project


The ‘standard’ sample does not exist, and our laboratory has the flexibility to deal with different sample matrices and requests for non standard sample preparation and analysis. Non-routine procedures may not be accredited, however they are carried out to the same high standards of that of our accredited methods.


DETS – dependable data, dependable delivery