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Training  Services

DETS are well aware of the difficulties faced by many consultants and contractors when procuring the services of laboratories, and then attempting to interpret the data once the report is received.  This is a highly technical and complex field, and DETS understand the need to support and inform their clients on all aspects of environmental chemistry.

To assist our clients, DETS frequently run seminars, either at individual client offices, or at a more generic venue, open to all clients. These seminars can take the form of brief events, just concentrating one or two topics of particular interest, or can involve most of the day, with a wide ranging spread of topics to ensure most areas of analysis are covered.

Examples of topics include:
  • Sampling best practice – containers, preservatives, temperature issues, holding times, deviating samples and how to avoid them.
  • Inorganic analysis – a review of metals testing, sulphur compounds, nitrogen compounds and cyanide compounds.
  • Asbestos in soil – H & S, sampling, presence/identification, quantification, UKAS requirements, industry update.
  • Waste – characterisation of solids, leaching tests, WAC, Landfill directive.
  • Biomethane potential – anaerobic digestion and how biomethane is measured.
  • Organic analysis - Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – methods, interpretation, Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) – composition, methods, interpreting chromatograms, Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – methods, interpretation, carcinogenicity, Semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) – PCBs, pesticides, full scans.

 For more information on seminars, please contact:

Hazel Davidson (


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