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Sales & Marketing

At DETS, we aim to provide a readily accessible team of Account Managers, who can deal rapidly with all telephone and email requests for quotations or information, and who also interact directly on a face to face basis with our clients.  In addition, our Technical Development Manager, Mike Cohen, and our Technical Marketing Manager, Hazel Davidson, are available to provide in depth technical assistance, organise seminars, and provide specific technical briefings at individual client offices.

Account Managers

Our team of 5 staff are easily contactable and can provide quotations within 24 hours, although complex Bill of Quantities may take longer. They operate on a regional basis, and are always available to visit client offices and assist in any way they can. They will also provide information regarding new services, updates on changing legislation, and training in the LIMS data portal.

Richard Collings, UK Fuels & Midlands Region, 

Cheryl Cook, North East Region, 

Simon Rudd, North West, Wales & South West Region, 

Mark Hughes, Scotland & Ireland, 

Steve Curtis, South East Region, 


Technical Support

Kirk Bridgewood, General Manager, 

Hazel Davidson, Technical Marketing Manager, 

Neil Dobinson, Laboratory Manager,  


DETS – dependable data, dependable delivery