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Geotechnical and Civil Engineering


 DETS carries out a comprehensive range of chemical tests for geotechnical and civil engineering purposes to complement the contaminated land testing, and this range of tests conforms to several industry standards and guidance documents, including BS 1377:1990 Part 3, BRE SD1, and TRL 447. Again, most of these tests are accredited to ISO 17025, and can be performed on soils, waters, concrete and aggregates.

Commonly requested parameters include:

  • Natural moisture content
  • Moisture content to 105°C
  • Stone content
  • pH value
  • Total sulphate as SO4 or SO3
  • Total sulphur
  • Total potential sulphate
  • Oxidisable sulphide
  • Water soluble sulphate as SO4 or SO3
  • Chloride – acid soluble or water soluble
  • Nitrate – water soluble
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen – water soluble
  • TOM – total organic matter
  • LoI – loss on ignition
  • Aggressive carbon dioxide
  • Carbonate content
  • Mortar analysis, including cement content, to BS 4551
  • Concrete analysis, including cement content, to BS 1881

DETS provide suitable sample containers for clients to take their own samples. Courier service is also available.


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