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Bio fuels

Biomass, Biofuels & Fossil Fuels

A recent innovation for DETS is the implementation of a fuels testing laboratory, including both fossil, and renewable fuel sources. The facilities for fuel analysis at Derwentside Environmental have been configured to meet the high standards demanded by this industry, whilst maintaining the flexibility that supports new innovations in this technologically demanding market.

Types of  solid fuel we currently test include:



Refuse derived Fuel (RDF)

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF)


 Our fuel testing services cover:

Moisture content


Volatile matter

Oil identification and source matching

Carbon banding

Qualitative and quantitative analysis

Flash point


Specific gravity

Additive pack ID

Biogenic methane potential

CHNS elemental analysis

Calorific value

Chlorine and sulphur following bomb digestion

Bromine and fluorine

Traditional coke and coal analyses are performed in accordance with BS 1016 and ASTM methods. Solid biofuel analyses are performed to meet the requirements of CEN/TC 335 and solid recovered fuel (SRF) analyses are performed meet the requirements of CEN/TC 343.  

In addition to solid fuel analysis, we also carry out biogenic methane potential testing in order to assess the viability of feedstocks for Anaerobic Digestion. The period over which we assess the biogenic methane yield can vary depending on customers request. However, in some cases, measurement of biogenic methane potential can take up to and over 65 days. 

Project specific methodologies can also be developed upon request including the trialing of different pre-treatment methods.


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